"Everything reminds me of Cracker Barrel... Only better!"
- Dallas K.

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The Heirloom Market

From authentic Amish goods to cutting edge solar generator technology, there will be something of interest at the Heirloom Market!

About The Heirloom Market

The Heirloom Café

Our old town bistro motif will leave our patrons feeling relaxed as they enjoy our gourmet coffee, freshly grilled paninis and more!

About The Heirloom Café

Heirloom Shindigs

Upcoming events and activities at The Heirloom Market & Cafe include Old Time Heirloom Hour, live music, free outdoor concerts and more.

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Our Upcoming Events

Mini Monet

Let your child find their inner artist during an evening with the team from Heirloom Market & Cafe! We’re here to show you how much fun it is. ...

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Paint, Drink, & Be Merry

Find your inner artist in an evening with the team from Vino Van Gogh and Heirloom Market & Cafe! We’re here to show you how much fun it is. ...

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At The Heirloom Café, we make our desserts fresh from scratch on our premises, all day, every day, and we use only the finest ingredients.

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Not My Idea

By Denee Jones, Heirloom Café employee Believe it or not, starting my first garden was not my idea. At the beginning of 2014, I lived in an upstairs apartment. I figured that sharing a lawn with a handful of other tenants barred me from making any claims on the yard. I never would’ve guessed what…

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This Week’s Heirloom Update

Here’s our brand new Heirloom Update video that I just finished for this weekend.  We thought it would be the easiest and quickest way to let you know what’s going on this weekend here at the Heirloom Market & Café in beautiful, sunny Thomson, Illinois!

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The Mystery Of The Daffodils

If you’re a regular Heirloom Market & Café customer (and I hope you are), you might recall that I closed my communication in the March issue by hinting that I had a daffodil-related mystery to share. All good mysteries hope to keep their readers guessing to the very end. I vow that I will keep…

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